Deploy trustworthy machine intelligence.
Train, test, and validate drones, robotics, cars

Skinner AI — startup in the field of Computer Vision and Synthetic Data

Skinner Box

Synthetic Data generator that helps you create libraries based on uploaded 3D assets for training AI models

Skinner Matrix

Virtual World for AI training, that behaves like a real one, playing, protecting, earning, or completing various tasks, even when you sleep

Skinner Ecosystem

Blockchain-based consensus between Humans & AI, improve data generation services in exchange for SKR Tokens

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Skinner Ecosystem IDO

Q1 2023

Skinner Box Services

Q4 2023

Skinner Matrix Services

Q4 2024

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3/4 of companies have problems with the
volume, quality and speed of training data

All artificial intelligence technologies learn from information,
but where this information comes from and what is included in it significantly impact quality,
and we offer a solution — Synthetic Data for training AI models

AI and happiness:
Does the perfect salary for Robots exist?

Confidently knowing what average salaries for robots will gonna look like in token equivalent



2,500 SKR Tokens

Pay-Per-Input License



75,000 SKR Tokens

Pay-Per-Input License




On-Premise License​​


Our Team has more than 10 years of experience in development innovations

”The mission is to make the new world a better place and help find effective solutions to this problem.”

The moral hazard in the field of AI. Important to understand that learning a neural network is like raising a child, and it depends on us on what input data this learning takes place. Are there strict moral principles and respect towards us people? The Morality on which our future will be based.
Alexander Pak
Skinner AI, Founder


Victor Talko

Skinner Ecosystem is a new-generation system developed by experienced miners for ML training. The system will be built with an awareness of all of the flaws of current software platforms.

Sergey Barannikov

Crypto-industry’s fast development has led to a wide variety of pools, and miners. Mining hardware should adapt to potential customers’ interests and produces more advanced solutions.

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